Three Nights of Forever in Tokyo – Analysis

Three Nights of Forever in Tokyo is the fruit of my little obsession about Ryo Nishikido.  I won’t blab here about his gorgeousness because this entry intended for the story.  You may have noticed that I haven’t updated yet and I won’t make any excuses as to why.

For some time, I was head over heels with this guy named Ryo Nishikido from NEWS and as sentimental person as I am, I wanted to make a story to remind myself that I have once, or whatever, adored Ryo Nishikido.  I am not capable of one-shot and I have thought of bringing YunRi in Japan.  My imagination started to run wild and I have finally conceptualized the story of three strangers who found love in Tokyo.  It was almost the only way I could put Ryo in the story.

A few more readings about Ryo and the plot of the story was developed.  I didn’t want to make it OC so it was important to me.  I visioned him as the guy who knows what he has got and he’s confident about it.  He may have a sharp wit but he could always get away with it.  He is loyal to his friends and he would be loyal to those he trusts.  He’s not afraid to get dirty when it’s in the name of fun.  He may look happy-go-lucky but he’s a very determined person.

Yunho as you may have known now is a huge celebrity in Korea.  After getting into the entertainment industry without much thought, he missed the fun and craved for a normal day without flashing cameras coming out of nowhere.  He went to Japan out of rash decision and finally able to enjoy the life of a normal person.

Yuri, the determined person that she is in person, was heartbroken and decided to get over her first love.  She was a bit adventurous and I want to show it in this story.  She always thins about everything and she doesn’t rush into things when it’s necessary.  She is also easily pressured.  In a country that she is not familiar with and with limited knowledge about it, I want to envision how she would deal with it.

A little help.

So here’s the thing.  I am not familiar with Tokyo but I do have some knowledge about it.  I have some problems as to where they would have their time in Tokyo will be.  I want to feature as much of the city as I can.  So can you please help me with it?  Can you suggest some known places and I will do the researching.^^


One thought on “Three Nights of Forever in Tokyo – Analysis

  1. kuhyesunjing says:

    Nice!! I love Yunho.:).♥

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