January – July 2012 Story Plan

Hi everyone!  SO it’s taking so long for me to update because of some undisclosed reasons.  I have some plots in mind and I am going to put some teasers and, for the unwritten ones yet, the plot and others stuff about the stories.  I have four stories in mind you may help me decide on what story I will going to update first after I am done with Tangled.

Money, Brain and Crown

Kwon Yuri, Jung Yunho and Kim Jaejoong(side pairings: SeoKyu, ChangSoo, TaeSu, ChangSic)

“I have my time on my hands.  I own a company, remember?” He watched her gulp down her food and wondered where would all the food go in her thin frame.

“With the new export bill, I thought you would be down in your office by four and trying to find a way to get more investors,” Yuri said in between her eating.  Jaejoong smiled.  Of course she would know what businessmen like him do.  She’s probably analyzing their moves most of her time.

“You’re really something.  No wonder you have Jung Yunho in your palms.”

Yuri stopped eating and glowered at Jaejoong.  This guy doesn’t know anything about her and Yunho.  “You don’t know anything about us.”

“Sure.  It’s all over the news,” he pointed at the corner of the newspaper he was reading where an article about her and Yunho was printed.

“Neither do those people,” she said.  She totally lost her appetite even though the waffle was superb.  She hates all the presumptions they are doing.

“Don’t worry.  I don’t believe a thing they say.”

Yuri smirked.  Why would she worry about what he thinks?  This guy is so full of himself.  “Thank you being open-minded,” she said sarcastically.

“Of course, how could you have a relationship with him when you woke up in my bed, wearing almost nothing and sitting in front of me at breakfast looking like the hottest thing in my shirt?”

Angels At War

Kwon Yuri, Jung Yunho, Im Yoona, Cho Kyuhyun, Shim Changmin, Seo Seohyun (SNSD, TVXQ), (side pairings: SeoKyu, JeTi, TaeSu)

Everyone was busy walking, trying to get home as the night slowly becoming colder and darker.  He could hear their thoughts faintly as they pass him by.  One elderly woman has her hands full with all the groceries with her.  A parcel fell from one of the paper bags she was carrying.  Yunho, without a second thought, picked it and gave it to the woman.  The woman gently smiled at him.

“Thank you.  What a nice young man.  Only a few are like you nowadays,” the grateful woman said.

Yunho smiled as the woman left.  He suddenly stopped at the middle of the pedestrian lane.  He could sense them.  His eyes darted everywhere to find the evil lurking amidst the mortal ones.  People may or may not see them, it depends on these devils.  As he turned to his right, he saw a black blur and felt an unusual chill behind him.  There are two of them?

He decided to continue walking.  It seems that Changmin was right, they, the angels, are their targets.  He let them tail him.  He could see their fast movements and he could very well feel their presence.  He was in his human form and this makes him vulnerable to the two.  When his heart started beating faster, he suddenly knew who the other devil was.  It didn’t surprise him when she appeared in front of him, making him abruptly stop.

No pointy horns, no hideous tail and no black wings.  A devil in the flesh with her dark, evil aura, oozing with something that can pull anyone towards her.  ‘I am an angel,’ he reminded himself.

A smirk formed on her beautiful face.  “You’re not scared, are you?”

“Quite the contrary… Yuri.

“You could go to hell with us then, you liar!  We could smell your fear from miles away so don’t even try to deny it.”


Kwon Yuri, Im Yoona, Seo Seohyun, Choi Sooyoung and the Kyu-line(Cho Kyuhyun, Shim Changmin, Choi Minho and Lee Jonghyun)

Four best friends are trying to live the legacy of their five excellent seniors who graduated from college with flying colors found themselves in ex-boyfriends-complex situations.  The known Kyu-line who is composed of also well-known guys in their fields messed the girls’ friendship as they found each of them falling in love with their girlfriend’s bestfriend.

See how they all find themselves falling in and out of love in someone who supposed to be off-limits according to the universal girls’ code: Don’t hook up with your bestfriend’s ex-boyfriend.


Kwon Yuri, Jung Yunho

High school never ends.  Bowling For Soup said it all.

Yuri thought she could never ask for more.  Her own house, her own car and a job she loves the most, she has them all.  Then her first boyfriend from high school ruined it all and showed up again sending her poor heart going crazy again.   That’s when she realized that only needs him to be complete.

There are just little things that complicates her ever after though.  Yunho, her ex-boyfriend, is now her boss’ boyfriend and he seems to be completely over her now.

Can she still have her ever after or would she just live with her own house, own car and now, dreaded job?

Money, Brain and Crown will be posted as soon as I am satisfied with it because it is the story that has been on my mind for years so it is excluded in the poll.

And if you have some story requests, feel free to post ’em!


12 thoughts on “January – July 2012 Story Plan

  1. elyse17 says:

    i voted for angel’s at war 2x. ^^
    although i really want x-factor too,
    but angel’s at war are has a different feel to what you are writing.

    you really are one of my favorite writer.
    actually you are the top NON-MinYul fic writer that i love.
    i love so many MinYul fanfic writer but you, you really are one of the best for me. ^^

  2. JaniTsup says:

    wow. this is the first time I gave effort on reading a lot of text.. 😀 amazing! hahaha
    well, among the four plan fanfics, i mostly like the Angels at War.
    nice ideas btw. 😛

    • iris says:

      I know!! There’d be alot of pairings in Angels At War and the plot is so complicated. It’s also hard to put my imagination to words.

      But I am hoping that you’d read them though because you are not reading my stories. I guess I should start a yaoi for you. EunHae perhaps?

      • JaniMuah says:

        that’s why i like the Angels at War.
        the plot is uncommon and it would be a surprise to know what will happen when two world collides.

        hahahaha. well, that’s rather vexing. 😀
        i do read fanfics, but only with suju on the story.
        speaking of them, i’m TRYING to write now a ff with them as the main chars.. Good luck to me! hahahah

      • iris says:

        I got the two chapters ready for it! LOL excited much huh? There are so many pairings and I love them all. I am particularly excited with SeoKyu though.

        I should really start a EunHae for you. Darn, I am YoonHae and HyoHyuk shipper. OOOOhhh new story? I would love to hear that. I just hope you did not turn one of your notebooks to your story drafts.

  3. musicfreak says:

    Nice blog! I like our ideas on your stories. Really nice and interesting. I hope you do plan on writing all of them… 😀 I also like the fact that most of them stars YunRi in them. They are my top couple right now.
    Well, I hope to see more updates from you soon!!! 😀

  4. mikomee says:

    I really would love to read bout kyu-line and everything (Jonghyun and Kyuhyun , what more can i ask for?) …
    DAEBAK big boss!!!

    • iris says:

      Gah! Kyu-line. Tell me why I should not be excited about it. I am so itching to write Kyuhyun in any of my stories. He is such an interesting character. and Jonghyun! LEE JONGHYUN!!! I should not even start about him when don’t know if I could even stop!

    • JaniMuah says:

      hahahahaha.. big boss!? 😀
      i get the picture of a mafia leader in my mind right now,
      and i like it.. hahahah

      • iris says:

        woot. you make me sound so mean. and oh, I don’t really sell drugs but I am little mean sometimes. Now, you just gave me a good plot. LOL

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