Welcome To My Blog

Hello everyone!  This is an introductory entry for my official blogsite.

Some of you may know me as RedFlamer37 from AFF.  Sharing this blog to my readers means I am open to reveal my identity which took an ounce of time for me to think about.  I considered my privacy issues while thinking about it.  Then I told to myself that, yeah, I am not really big in AFF so why hesitate?  I am actually bigger in person though, literally.

You’ll get to read my thoughts on almost every random things I’d decide to write on.  But I think it’d be mostly about KPOP and anything I’d stumble onto.

For my AFF readers:

One of the reasons is also to make this blog an official update site for my stories.  I will still publish my works on AFF but I will post my progress of my stories here.  I will finally let you on in what my wild imagination is running through.  I will also post my previews and teasers here instead of giving it in some of the chapters.  It would be a tad tiresome to paste every preview or teaser on each stories.  You could also post your ideas, suggestions and comments here for everything.  And I am finally open to requests!  You know that I am a bit slow in updating so please bear with me.

I am so excited to hear from you guys!  You’ll have a glimpse of what I am really like and please don’t think bad about me, I am just crazy me.  Feel free to flood the comment box, I’d gladly read them all.

For my friends:

Ha!  I have finally put up a blog that I am willing to share.  What do you think?  I am thinking of moving some of the entries in my previous blogs here, specifically the entertaining ones.  You are free to say whatever you want.   Why don’t you congratulate me for stepping out of my cave?  ❤

For the lurkers and to you: