YulSic: SNSD’s Royal Couple

My first Soshi Talk and it’s about the ultimate yuri couple of SNSD and KPOP, YulSic.

YulSic is the couple name for Yuri and Jessica.  They are called “The Royal Couple” among shippers and Sone.  They are arguably the most popular couple of SNSD.

If DBSK has YunJae,  SNSD has YulSic.  It’s not a direct comparison between the two groups nor the couple themselves but it was the closest analogy to summarize YulSic.  They are known for their PDAs during every chance they get and fans were eager and happy to see this couple at it.

YulSic was the first SNSD couple I had come across.  The more I read about them, the more real I think they were.  Jessica seemed to be very touchy-feel-y whenever she was around Yuri and Yuri seemed not to mind it at all.  She seemed to be allowing Jessica to act sweet around her and this fed the fandom with more love for the couple.  This also made her as the perfect “prince” for the Ice Princess.

YulSic has the largest and most active fandom among SNSD couples.  It was hard to keep up with them and the only one to get close is TaeNy which went way before debut.  YulSic, of course, is giving fans what they wanted.  From their messages to each other to answers to answering fans’ questions to concerts, YulSic is everywhere.

Then the “cold war” happened.  I don’t exactly know when it started but it was almost post cold war when I started become a Sone.  All I could read about YulSic was when how it was before the cold war though there were said YulSic moments during concerts and fan events.  Nothing escapes from the eye of a shipper anyways.

I always considered YulSic as the top pairing in SNSD and TaeNy as the close second but because of the cold war and what’s the remains of the relationship, romantic or platonic, I never fully felt them.   Not until SNSD’s concert in Bangkok.

It was during the end speech of the girls that while Sooyoung and Tifany were talking, Jessica leaned on Yuri.  The fans just cheered even while the first two were speaking.  The girls had no idea what it was all about until YulSic was flashed on the screen and the cheers became louder and louder.  Honestly, I don’t think that the only ones who cheered were Royal Shippers.  I think others cheered because it was after all, YulSic, the Royal Couple.  Everyone didn’t necessarily waited for them to come back but seeing the couple, and YulSic at that, doing what they used to do, I think it was a moment worth cheering on.  The royal ship was still sailing.

YulSic is hard to ship these days.  May it because of their schedules or the awkwardness between them, I don’t really know why their interactions are rare.  But with the recent photoshoots where they are together, it’s not impossible to catch up with TaeNy.  And if Kwon Family will have their own sub-unit, the royal family will then, reign again.